Friday, January 20, 2006

Arctic Char In Sustainable Farming?

picture of high density arctic char farming in tanks
Arctic Char Growing In Tanks
My experiences raising Arctic Char in land based farms using tanks and raceways, with groundwater supplies and water recirculation aquaculture systems, have been positive overall.

I am what you may call a Charr fanatic since the early eighties and most of my experience has been hard won. The road to now has had its share of bumps and even a couple of cliff sized falls. There have fortunately also been some sunny times and even pay days. It has been interesting and rewarding in many ways but also frustrating at times.

I have grown Char at stocking densities that exceed the normal for rainbow trout or salmon in similar farming systems. In a properly designed and operated land based farm, this factor can lead to increased production amounts per unit of rearing space. The high density stocking characteristics of the species can allow the production intensification necessary in controlled systems and provide increased economy of scale, helping to offset the increased costs of building eco-friendly land based fish farms.Full article published at "Arctic Charr Aquaculture - History and Experiences in Canada"

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