Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arctic Char In Aquaculture

Arctic Char were first investigated as an aquaculture species because it was expected that they would have low optimum temperature requirements and would grow well at the cold water temperatures present in numerous areas of Canada. It was also "correctly" anticipated that the Arctic Char would be welcomed as an alternate selection to Rainbow Trout and thus could provide producers with a unique product and a niche in seafood markets.

Canadian Arctic char are farmed in the Yukon Territory, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, Quebec and Manitoba. Operators in Iceland, Norway and the USA also raise Char. There are several different strains of Arctic Char being used in aquaculture. The most common strains used in Canada are derived from Nayuk Lake and Fraser River stocks.

Good Aquaculture Attributes

The majority of Arctic char produced today are raised in land-based systems. Arctic char eggs are hatched within specialized hatchery facilities where the young fish remain until they reach ~100 grams and can be transferred to larger grow - out tanks. The initial early rearing stages of growing can take almost a year for the juveniles to reach 100 grams. Once in the production farm Arctic char exhibit a rapid growth spurt from juvenile to adulthood, with most stocks reaching market weight (1-2.5kg) within the next 12 months.

Well Suited to Land Based Aquaculture

Land-based Arctic char rearing systems are considered to be among the most environmentally responsible fish farming designs. Facilities that utilize designs based on the principles of Recirculation Aquaculture technologies are among the most cutting edge farms. Arctic Char exhibit unique characteristics that make the species favorable to land based secure production, chief among those is its natural desire to shoal and live in high density populations. Read More Here

Excellent Market Reception

The Arctic Char is highlighted as a “Best” choice by the Monterey Aquarium Seafood Watch Guide for Healthy Oceans. The New England Aquarium lists farm raised Arctic Char as an ocean friendly species. They call it an excellent choice. Read more here


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