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B and B Freshwater Fish Farm

B&B Freshwater Fish Farm is a family owned farm located in Manitoba Canada. The farm has produced certified high quality Arctic Char since 2000. B&B Freshwater Fish Farm is an FHPR Schedule 2 regularly inspected and certified Arctic Char hatchery and brood stock facility located on a rural farm near Gunton, Manitoba. The fish hatchery is innovative and housed in a 5500 sq ft building; it operates using constant water recirculation and simple filtration technology reducing the required freshwater requirements by 90% below that of a single water use system.

Arctic Char Stock Breeding Stock

picture of spawning process for arctic char
Spawning Arctic Char - B&B Photo
The certified disease free Arctic Char brood stock are descendants from the original Nauyuk lake strain of Arctic Char researched and developed at the Rockwood Aquaculture Research Center which was operated by DFO Canada, and located near the present day farm.

Through careful breeding and selection, the purity of the original Arctic Char strain is maintained. This allows the farm to produce the highest quality char eggs and fry destined for final grow out at selected fish farms, providing added assurance in planning production output.

For several years the farm owners have interacted with customers to monitor performance of the offspring of the B & B Arctic Char brood stock. Overall results prove that the young fish have performed well under commercial culture in various systems and different rearing regimes. Customers of eggs and fry have found the growth rates and survival to be economical and predictable, delivering good flesh quality and high dress out weights at market time.

Fish Farming In a Converted Hog Barn

B&B Freshwater Fish Farm began as a family operated fish farm as an alternative to traditional farming. Rick converted an unused former hog barn to an aquaculture operation. The focus was and is aimed at filling a need for a good fish supplier that delivers alternative fish species. Using feedback from existing fish farmers the company recognized and began to fill a market void to produce a supply of high quality, growth performing Arctic Char eggs and fry.

In the early years the company focused on meeting the requirements of customers in Canada. More recently the company has expanded and begun to service selected customers in the USA and Asian. This market is expanding, and B&B is meeting the need to deliver an excellent quality; healthy and growth performing fish stock. Customers are a select group, they for the most part operate a fish farming business aimed at producing an alternative product to the regularly farmed fish species.

A word from Robert at

picture of arctic char eggs at eyed stage
Arctic Char Eggs Just Before Hatch
I have had firsthand experience using eggs and fry from B&B Freshwater Fish Farm in commercial scale farming of Arctic Char. Rick's fish stock performed great, giving a survival rate that was more than acceptable and fish growth rates that were excellent, even at cold rearing temperatures of 8° C. We grew over 70 tonnes per year in water reciculation systems. Rick McDonald the owner of B&B Freshwater Fish Farm has always been helpful and informative standing behind his products all the way. ~ R. Freeman, 2009

Not a lot of fish farmers know how to raise Arctic Char. If you want to make the switch to a high performance fish in a land based farm, start with a quality supply of fish stock and research the species. We have several articles here dealing with hands on farming of Char. This will help give you a solid foundation. Contact B&B today to discuss your needs and plans.

How to Contact B& B Freshwater Fish Farm

For more information on B&B Arctic Char or for inquiries about obtaining / ordering eggs and the availability please contact

Mr. Rick MacDonald
B & B Freshwater Fish Farm.
Telephone: (204) 886-7445
Box 115, Gunton, Manitoba
Canada, R0C 1H0
You can also use our contact form and we will forward the message to B&B Please but their name in the subject Field. Use This Link

To learn more about Arctic Char farming go to this link: Arctic Char Aquaculture - History and Experiences.

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