Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Newfoundland and Aquaculture Training

New aquaculture program to start in August.

I am always on the look out for news relating to Aquaculture. I also have a self admitted fondness for reading about new things or events that demonstrate an educational improvement.

Recently I read a news story in "The coaster Online" and here is what I think.

First off, It's good news that the Keyin College will be offering it's first ever Aquaculture program at St. Alban’s Newfoundland, in August 2007. Early indications are that it is comprehensive program.

The press release states "'' The new program is designed to introduce students to the history of aquaculture, give them an overview of the state of the aquaculture industry and to prepare them for all facets of the industry which is growing rapidly, especially in the Coast of Bays region.""

Heidi Middleton, human resources manger with Cooke Aquaculture said "their hiring practice will give preference to candidates with a background in the industry".

Cooke Aquaculture is a significant stakeholder in the Atlantic Canada Aquaculture industry. The company in recent years, has enlarged it's business by expanding into new locations and diversifying it's operations.

Heidi goes on to say " A candidate can gain experience in the industry in one of two ways: by obtaining an Aquaculture Technician Certificate through a recognized learning institute like Keyin College or adequate years of hands-on industry experience. These employees will be compensated at a higher starting rate."

She also notes that " many existing Cooke Managers possess an Aquaculture Technician accreditation."

The press release also points out "Once they complete the program students will have the skills to become aquaculture technicians with the opportunity to obtain long-term employment in one of the growing industries in the province. Cooke Aquaculture has invested millions into its operations in the region, as well as companies such as the Barry Group of Companies."

I see this new program as another welcome sign of advancement within Aquaculture Industry, particularly as it relates to my home province. (I am not shy)

Certainly the duration of the program is lengthy enough to provide for a wide range of learning opportunities covering the important aspects of the industry. Experience has thought me that training programs which include a good effort at providing a backgrounder to the history and nature of the industry, combined with the fundamentals of practice, offer more for "both" the students and prospective employers.

Persons that achieve a good working knowledge of the industry while gaining an understanding of the history and of it's present day importance as a sustainable food source, are in my opinion "The Class Act", and represent the future of the industry.

I look forward reading future updates of this program and it's progress.

News Story Reference: Special To the Coaster June 5 20007

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