Monday, September 27, 2010

After Igor a video from Newfoundland

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Could you pass the following link on to friends. There will be several more in the series. However this one is important as it shows the storm damage that placed 230 people out of work and did so in less than 24 hours. The building you see was a shrimp processing plant where 230 people worked each year in order to make some sort of a living... which was seasonal at best. This plant unfortunately has a longer and larger history than this loss today.

This place was also once one of the largest fish processing plants in North America. Prior to the reductions in fishing quotas and the virtual elimination of a way of life that took place during the 1990's in Newfoundland, this same fish processing plant once employed over 900 people on a 24/7 basis processing Cod and other ground fish species and supported another several hundred fishermen. It was reduced (or rationalized) to a work force about 1/20 of its former size and recreated as a single species processing facility with only 230 people employed.

Now after the damage that resulted for Hurricane Igor, not even one of the remaining 230 have a job. In less than one day, in just one town, 230 people lost work. This is but one of the long lasting effects that Igor has imprinted in the the hearts, souls and livelihoods of the people that live on the Rock.

All I ask is that you consider forwarding this link, so that others can see how every deeply this act of god has effected hard working people, today and in the long term future. There are many more hardships in many more places of Newfoundland as a result of this storm. All of these are very important and so very sad and some are probably more devastating to the people that experienced first hand the wrath of Igor . This is only one very short video documenting the aftermath and how this storm effected over 230 plus people within hours. There are many,many places in Newfoundland that were adversely effected by Igor. My heart goes out to those people. I and my family got off easy as we weathered through this without any major damage and certainly no loss of life.

To the Family and friends of Mr Allen Duffet who lost his life during Igor, i send my heartfelt and deepest sympathy, and that is not enough measure to the sadness and loss by those close to him.

As hardy stock spawned from some of the first people that faced, endured and overcame the hardships and obstacles presented in helping to grow a brave new world, These people will as Newfoundlander's rise above it and once again play a significant part in creating new life, in a proud nation called Canada.

Have a look and pas it on so that others can give it a view. Thanks

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