Friday, June 22, 2012

Types of Aquaculture Technologies

There are many types of systems and farm designs used to grow fish. These include; ponds, net cages in lakes or oceans, rectangle raceway tanks, circular (round) tanks, earthen tanks lined with plastics or clays and other forms of containment. Basic Land based fish farms involve the use of one or more types of tanks or ponds and generally have water piped in and out to maintain life support for the fish and to flush the tanks of waste products. Basic designs may also include mechanical aeration equipment for adding oxygen to water.

In recent years land based farms have advanced in technology to become more eco-friendly and to provide greater security and control of the farming process. The most advanced of these are known as water recirculation systems or RAS designs. Advancements in design and technology are being driven in part by the need to develop alternative methods for aquaculture and by the demand for more fish and secure supplies.

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