Monday, March 27, 2006

The Deadliest Catch

The Discovery Channel says its program last year, Deadliest Catch, on the king crab fishery in Alaska was the most successful series introduced in ten years. So naturally they want a repeat.

The new series, with the same name, starts on 9 Pm Tuesday March 28. In this new series the film crews accompanies king crab boats fishing in the fishing for the first time under a quota based fishery. The new series drama is more about fishermen, their luck, the skill of finding crab and the industry in general.

I don't comment much on made for tv stuff, but the past series did a tremendous job popularizing crab and fishing in general many people got their first impression of commercial fishing from the show.

Link to the series information

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Mo said...

i am an exgirlfriend of a deadliest catch fisherman.I currently live on kodiak island and would like to offer more information on the majority of these fishermans private lives off the boats and how most of them have difficulties dealing with the extreme of highly intense day to day battles at sea then not being able to slow down when land locked.Their violence towards eachother,personal competition,drinking, drugging, and tearing up the